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I'm a medical doctor specializing in Neuroscience and I must say that Eyeval glasses are the most effective at supporting regulation of a person's biorhythmic circadian rhythm. I've evaluated and tested many glasses. All of them leaked a lot of light, and consequently were less effective in blocking the suppression of melatonin. These are the one i tried that offer most protection.

I know they say watching TV before bad actually hinders sleep, but I like to do it anyway. I did notice that as I've gotten older though, the TV really does increase the time it takes me to fall asleep. I could be tossing and turning for up to an hour. You'd think I'd stop watching TV before bed, but NOPE! Luckily I came across Eyeval, and thanks to the glasses of this brand I solved my sleep problems without having to give up watching TV in the evening.

I often suffered from eye fatigue because I spend a lot of time in front of the pc. With these glasses my eyes have never felt better and I feel so relaxed!! I wore them just 3 hours!! These are great- will update. Have had these about a week now, any one having trouble sleeping needs these!!! Feels good on the eyes. love the signal it sends to my mind & body that it is time to relax. It is easier for me to fall asleep and I appreciate that I am bringing balance to my circadian rhythm.

Was skeptical at first... started wearing and found that my quality of sleep improved. My wife is now stealing them from me. Ordered another pair.

they have red lens. Red lens is way superior to the more popular amber if you're trying to get maximum benefits of reducing blue and green light and therefore increasing melatonin production (yes, green light has similar effects to blue light on sleep)

they have top and side covers block any light that would otherwise have come in from the edges.

they're quite comfortable.

I practice Taoist medicine, and we understand how important it is for improving health to live in synch with natural cycles (day/night, seasons). Having a disrupted circadian rhythm can mess up badly not only your sleep, but other health aspects too. If you're trying to get a regular Circadian rhythm (to sleep well, lose weight, think more clearly, have more energy, etc.), then these blue blockers are the best ones I have seen and tried.

First night review, I wore them for just over an hour before bed. I felt tired wearing them, fell right to sleep and don't think I moved at all for a full 7 hours. Success. They are comfortable enough and block light effectively, especially for the price point.

I suffered from insomnia. It would usually take me about an hour to get back to sleep. And on the bad nights, I couldn't get back to sleep at all. These nightly wakings had been going on for about 2 years. The mornings were awful, i lacked a lot of energy during the day, and i wasn't sleepy at night. Exhausted and desperate, I researched online and discovered an article that said getting blue and green light exposure at night could mess with your sleep schedule. I realized I was getting a ton of artificial light exposure at night via the computer and my smartphone. So I began wearing these glasses every night (starting around 8 pm), and after about a week, I realized i could fall asleep in some minutes and that my night wakings had stopped. I wake up now really refreshed and i am way more energetic. I wish I would have known sooner about the harmful effects of blue-light exposure at night, but better late than never!

I have been suffering from insomnia and sleep problems for years. I couldn't get to sleep easily and once I did, I couldn't stay asleep. I tried melatonin, sleeping pills, meditation, supplements, etc. Nothing worked. After all this, I was quite skeptical at first that wearing some 'special glasses' could improve sleep. I was very surprised at how well they worked! I've been using them for a week now, but I noticed a difference the very first night. I put them on around 8pm, and go to bed around 10pm. I find myself getting sleepy, yawning frequently, and falling asleep quickly when I go to bed. This is a night and day difference (haha!) from what I was experiencing before. I look totally silly wearing these, and my husband teases me, but better sleep is totally worth it. I highly recommend these sleep hacking glasses!